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NES Associates, LTD creates customized courses and continuing education programs for hospitals, medical and corporate offices. When you need to schedule continuing education courses for your nursing staff, contact us and we will create a tailor-made syllabus and schedule the lessons at your convenience.

Our cutting edge curriculums, technology, and equipment will help ensure that your healthcare providers receive the highest quality training possible. We are conveniently located with offices in NYC and Westchester County.

NES Associates, LTD activities are approved by The Rhode Island State Nurses Association, An Accredited Approver Of Continuing Nursing Education By The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission On Accreditation

The cadre of faculty available to teach your courses are expert clinicians as well as educators. We understand the critical need

that health care workers and the industry is facing. We are committed to providing programs that will depart the knowledge,

skills and integration of technologies needed to not only survive but thrive.

We travel! Any course can be brought to your facility and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Teaching strategies will be specific and appropriate to the content delivered and may include techniques such as lecture,

discussion/demonstration, case studies, group exercises and computer application. We track and measure all program

outcomes which will be shared with you and used to direct future endeavors.  The Mission for NES Associates, LTD (Nursing Education Associates) is congruent with our motto, "Excellence in Continuing Nursing Education is Our Passion."   We strive to provide cutting edge education, training and support for the advancement of healthcare.  We create a learning environment that is respectful, balanced, creative and nurturing which supports the individual at their unique level of achievement.  Our teaching strategies are specific and appropriate for the content and audience.  

Sampling of Courses Available:

Health Care Ethics

  • Nursing Practice in the USA

  • Sexuality considerations in the Disabled Populations

  • Wound Care

  • Medication Management

  • ASPAN Certification Review

  • Medical Records Coding and Billing

  • JCAHO review and preparation

  • Remediation after JCAHO survey